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How to use the Top-Baiter

Step 1: Setting up the Top-Baiter

  • Use the top eye (a) with your favoured method of set-up
  • Ensure the hook length (b) is long enough to avoid fouling the basket (c) during casting

Step 2: Loading the Top-Baiter

  • Bait the hook
  • Slip the float section (d) to the top of the shaft
  • Fill the basket (c) with your chosen attractant (e.g. Floating pellets) to approximately 2/3 full (refer to card disc in packaging for guide level)

Step 3: Fishing with the Top-Baiter

  • Cast as normal
  • On hitting the water, the basket sinks releasing the attractant around the float on the surface of the water
  • Carefully draw your floating hook bait into the spread of the attractant and wait for a bite!

How to change your Top-Baiter floats using the accessory pack

Removing the float

  • Slide float to underside of spring clip
  • Squeeze the spring clip side eyes in until the float can be removed by sliding it upwards

Fitting a new float

  • Squeeze the spring clip eyes in until the replacement float can be fitted by sliding the float down the shaft.

For more tips on how to use your Top-Baiter, watch the video on our homepage, visit our FAQs page or get in touch.