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Your floating bait and attractant in one cast

Top-Baiter is a revolutionary new piece of must-have tackle for carp surface fishing.

It enables accurate delivery of your attractant and hooked bait to your selected fishing spot in a single cast. This means your bait is always in prime position to attract fish.

Simply load your attractant into the basket, attach your hook bait and cast. On contact with the water, Top-Baiter’s basket sinks, allowing your floating attractant to disperse on the surface of the water. A gentle tug to position your hook bait in the centre of the attractant and you’ve created the perfect environment for attracting and catching carp.

Suitable for amateur and competition anglers alike, Top-Baiter eradicates the need for the separate delivery of attractant by catapult or other means. It’s easy to use, simple to cast and, above all, highly effective.

Top-Baiter Accessories


The Top-Baiter accessories pack (sold separately) includes several different float variants which can be easily swapped onto the original Top-Baiter. Simply use the spring clip at the top of the Top-Baiter’s shaft to swap floats quickly and easily.

Maggot Cap

The Maggot Cap (sold separately) is perfect for anyone using the Top-Baiter or Mini-Baiter with maggots, keeping the bait in the basket during cast and enabling you to fill it to the brim.

The Mini Baiter

Designed for all anglers this exciting new product sends out both attractant and hookbait to your swim, in one single cast!

Mini Baiter

Top-Baiter at Tackle & Guns Show 2016
David Moore, MD of FirstFlow Creations Ltd (left), preparing for the Tackle & Guns Show 2016 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry with his consultant, Paul Goodman.

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