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Frequently asked questions

What types of fish can I catch with it?

Although it is intended for surface carp fishing, you can also use it for other surface feeding fish such as roach & rudd.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere surface fishing is permitted. As it relies on the attractant surrounding the float, it is best suited to still waters or slow flowing rivers.

When can I use it?

Whenever fish are feeding on the surface; in the UK this means the warmer months, say May-October. Fish will still feed on the surface outside this period but less frequently and in smaller numbers.

How do I use it?

  • Use the top centre eye to secure your reel line and hook line to the Top-Baiter product ensuring that the hook line length is well below the basket to ensure that a hooked fish doesn’t foul against the basket when reeling in;
  • Bait the hook with your chosen hook bait;
  • Fill the Top-Baiter basket with your chosen attractant to approximately two thirds full, (refer to the “fill guide” card in the packaging if in doubt);
  • Cast the loaded Top-Baiter into the area you wish to fish (during trials we found that the overhead method of casting gave the best results;
  • The attractant will float out of the basket when it contacts the water;
  • Gently draw the baited hook into the spread of attractant and wait for the fish.

How should I attach it to the line?

Fish safety and welfare has to be your first priority.  Whatever method you use ensure that if the line breaks the fish cannot swim free with the Top-Baiter in tow. If you are still unsure consult your local tackle dealer for best advice.

Do I have to use a hook?

No, you can use it just as a means of delivering attractant to your swim.

I keep losing pellets out of the top, what am I doing wrong?

Resist the temptation to overfill the cage beyond two thirds full. If the problem persists try using slightly fewer and/or different sized pellets.

How much does it weigh when loaded?

With the basket two thirds full, the total weight is approximately 60gms but the actual casting weight will depend on the quantity, size and weight of the attractant used.

How far can it be cast?

In testing, overhead casting produced distances of well over 60 metres. Actual distances achieved will depend on a number of factors including the anglers experience/technique, rod type, line, wind & weight cast.

Can I purchase replacement parts in the event of loss or damage?

Whilst the Top-Baiter product is manufactured from quality materials, it’s a fact that damage to tackle can occur, replacement parts are available. Please contact us for more details.

If I’ve got any other questions, comments or suggestions how do I get in touch?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.